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Enter (November 26 2002)

Art is a man looking for life's answers in the confines of the computer world. The online surveys quizzes and tests are springing up on the internet. Public journal accounts more often than with writing or a personal statement are simply a place for people to post the results of their tests. Everything from "Are You A Genius?" to "What '80's Cartoon Best Symbolizes Your Personality?"

Art believes that by finding a name on a Livejournal account, looking at the test results, and in turn, trying to get the same results by finding enough of the same answers as the individual he's watching, he can get under their skin, and see just what kind of a person they really are, according to the responses they post to the questions the online quiz asks to get that result.

Soon this becomes a full blown obsession ruling every facet of Art's life. Because he begins to realise that the better you know someone, the better you can manipulate them. Before he knows what's happening, he's stalking women, blackmailing businessmen, and ruining lives just because he can. But there's one quiz that stumps Art. "Are You Really You?"

by Quincy Jang © 2003

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