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Brian Dack [ noemail@email.com ] wrote: "Hey Quincy, its Brian, I was a friend of yours back in the general gordon days, I typed your name into the yahoo search engine and I found this site, i heard a brief rumor about this but i never thought it was true, you were my best friend when i was younger in elementary school and i can't believe this has happened, you were one of the coolest people I ever met, take it easy buddy, your friend, Brian"

Angela Noel [ ] wrote: "Q's the one who showed me True Romance - my favourite movie. I probably wouldn't really like movies if it weren't for him."

Stamata 'no one can pronounce it so who cares' [ stamata_@hotmail.com ] wrote: "I miss him and his hilarious antics."

Sara [ ] wrote: "I've never met anyone with a spirit like Quincy. Although i wasn't close with him, I've never met anyone with a character even half as strong as him."

Kim [ ] wrote: "this is such a sweet gesture"

Mat Morgan [ bushidofuji@hotmail.com ] wrote: "I knew Quincy since I was a little kid and he was basically who I looked up to and patterned myself after because he was just that cool. He died far too soon, far too young, and his death impacted and hurt me more than anyone else's has so far in my young life. For those who don't know who I am, which is pretty much all of you B.C.ers reading other than R & E themselves, I was the dorky kid from Seattle who came up with his family once in a while. Anyways, I'll miss ya, Quincy, and I'm quite grateful for this webpage's existence."

Stacey [ lawnmower_kitties@hotmail.com ] wrote 1-25-04: "The first time I met Quincy I told him his hair looked like Christopher Walken's and found myself with a new best friend."

james [ jblake1@telus.net ] wrote: "I can see him anytime I want in my mind and I hope that where he is that he can do the same."

Michael MacClements [ d-mike@telus.net ] wrote: "He was an amazing person, funny, quiet, angry. But most of all....human. He is lost to us but his memory will never be."

Mike Tong [ tmntboy@yahoo.com ] wrote: "The first day I met him. He was 15 I think. He commented on how much he loved his trenchcoat. "It's like wearing a cape. I feel like a superhero." And though he didn't wear it as often as time went by (it does get awfully warm) I've still got mine and I wear it all the time."

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