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I met a manipulative monkey, he lived in my head,
he spoke to me in daylight, he spoke to me in bed,
he told me I'm puppet, he told me I was dead.
Not a threat, more of a jest
as it is now his heart that beats in my chest.
I was always a puppet to something,
before it was society, but now I'm a pawn in the game of the bloodthirsty monkey.

The Speed Poem

Crack for breakfast, crack for lunch,
crack for dinner, and crack for brunch.
And then some speed. I feel like I'm flying, or falling,
I don't know which, so why don't I just go sleep in a ditch?
Yum. Dirt.

A Prince Am I

I am a prince, a prince am I, nobody knows why, but a prince am I.
Perhaps I should save a princess, or slay a great dragon.
Perhaps I will ride down a hill on my wagon.

by Quincy Jang © 2003

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