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assignment: ‘A story that defines you as a person’ (perhaps the last piece of writing he did.)

Suddenly a piece of the sky broke off, and hit me in the face. It was like a shard of glass. Went right through my skull, but it didn’t really feel like anything. I could still see with my one eye that wasn’t gouged out. It was dark. And suddenly something appeared. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I looked again. It was an eye. My eye. Looking right back at me through the broken piece of sky. At this point I stared to get hungry. It’s funny - the eyeball had replaced where the sun would be. Where does all that light come from?

I arrive back home. In the front door I go. “Good heavens,” cry the folks. “You have a piece of sky wedged in your face!”

“I know. Look, can we just forget about this altogether?” I say

“Does it hurt?” they ask.

“ A little bit. Usually at night”

“When did it happen?”

“ About an hour ago”

“ So how do you know it hurts at night? It’s broad eyeball”

“You mean broad daylight” I say.

“What’s daylight?” they ask.

“ It comes from the Sun,” I reply.

“That’s silly” they say. “You’re our son. How can there be two?”

by Quincy Jang © 2003

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