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Things I Know (March 27 2003)

I hate most women.
I love logic. (Which explains the above answer).
All about movies.
How to drive.
Certain things I will never know.
I think the majority of teachers are the scum of the Earth. Remember, I said majority. Don't get all personal and shitty. Please.
I don't hate Eminem. I hate his fans.
Russell Crowe is a bad actor.
Stephen King used to be good.
If I had the choice of either flying, or being able to shoot laser beams out of my eyes, I'd probably go to sleep.
Wit is dead.
Dignity is a virtue but pride is a sin.
The freedom of speech is the ability to overpower that freedom with your own freedom, but it's still illegal to kill each other. That was a joke.
I'm not homophobic until they come on to me.
People think I have Tourretes Syndrome.

Things I Could Know

A lot.

Things I Don't Know

Anything about history.
What the hell it is that fuels you people.

by Quincy Jang © 2003

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