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“Poems For People With Enough Time to Read ’em”; May 13 2002

All the Good People

All the good people wandered.
Missing what they had.
All the good people hid themselves,
because their lives were sad.
All the good people ate their meals,
their grief it was their stew.
All the good people were scarcely seen,
because there were so few.
After time passed,
it came to bear
there was no grief left to wear,
their confidence and egos swelled,
they said "No need for sadness, no need for pain,
for now I am above it all, it's all here for my gain."
And now all the good people are scarcer now,
because all the good people are bad.


If I were a paradigm,
I would surely wear a sign,
to tell the world that
"A pair a dimes" Just ain't enough
to be a paradigm.


Don't stick the fork in the lightsocket.
It will give you a jolt.
Don't use a spoon either,
or you may just receive some volts.
But more important,
take that thing off your head,
we're your friends,
and we don't want you dead!


If the moon were a prune,
I would take out my spoon,
and get ready for the shits in the morning.

Katmandu (by Chris Bence and Quincy Jang)

Katmandu, Katmandu,
lend me a shoe, lend me a shoe,
because mine is smeared with dog poo.
what's that? No you say?
Well then how how will I play?
Katmandu, Katmandu,
please give me a shoe,
because I love you.
what? You can't you say?
But someone like me should always be at play.
Katmandu, Katmandu,
why oh why won't you lend me your shoe?
Katmandu, you won't you won't,
more like Katman-don't.

Punkass Bitch

Punkass Bitch, we don't know your name, Punkass Bitch, we think you're lame.
If we could, we'd bury you in a ditch, it's a fitting place to find such a bitch.
Whenever you speak, it's like you're taking a leak, out of your oh-so-confused mouth.
Punkass Bitch, go home, go home, you're not with us, you're on your own.

The Man In Grosvucket

There was a man who lived in Grosvucket.
He had a son named Puppet.
Just like his old man,
he's pretty much damned,
poor poor Puppet oughta
just drown himself in a bucket.

The Devil Made Me Do It.

No more excuses, they're all the same,
no more lies, I'm tired of this game.
No more whimpers,
it doesn't make things simpler,
and all your friends have a bias,
they oughta just die-as.
You don't get it,
you don't, you don't,
there's no logic to decipher here
so I won't.

Wagamaloo And You

Don't feed the Wagamaloo,
it don't want food, it just wants you.
Don't get too close, it'll bite real tight,
it came for your brothers, now it's comin for you.
Don't ever tease the Wagamaloo,
it don't like that, and it don't like you.
If ya ever try to catch one,
by settin food outside it's palace gates,
it'll just wait and wait,
'cause it knows that's just bait.
Ya don't catch the Wagamaloo,
the Wagamaloo just catches you.


By accident I got up on the wrong side of the bed today,
and now everything is backwards,
I don't like to wake up this way.

.sdrawkcad si gnihtyreve won dna yadot DEB eht fo edis gnorw eht no pu tog I tnedicca yd

Kill The Dolphins (Jan 9 2003)

Yesterday I found a pair of dimes,
so I said out loud, "pardigm".
I took it home, this paradigm
friend o' mine,
cleaned under water, then washed it dry.
When it looked all shiney and new,
I sold it to a man, for his trade,
it was wheat he grew.
After I sold it for twenty cents,
he told me "be proactive with these cents,
or I'll see you burn in hell in two years hence".
I spent the cents
on some dolphin gents,
they said "Hey human flesh boy, thanks for doing us a favour".
I replied, "Next time I eat tuna I'll look forward to your flavour".
Just then a meteor struck my head,
it wasn't a split second before I was dead.
After spending an eternity in hell,
I went back home to kill all the dolphins I could.
What'd they ever do for me?

by Quincy Jang © 2003

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